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Whatsapp Prime APK Download Latest Version 11.2[Updated]

Whatsapp Prime APK also includes applications for chatting and sending messages that have been released, such as LINE, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and many more, WhatsApp’s throne remains unattainable. And, despite the fact that it is regressing in particular features and functions, nobody appears to mind since it is the most widely used instant messaging service, with over one billion users worldwide.

Now, I’m going to show you WhatsApp Prime apk, the newest and most sophisticated WhatsApp mod which is Whatsapp Prime APK. As you may have guessed from the name, it’s a tweak that allows us to disable the messaging app’s boring background.

Whatsapp Prime APK Latest Version 2021

As a result, a large number of users prefer MOD to the professional WhatsApp Messenger software. Because the WhatsApp code is not open source, this kind of third-party celebration is seldom allowed, but it gives the original program additional possibilities and choices.

Today, we offer WhatsApp Prime’s latest version, which should be added to the lengthy list of similar MODs such as WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, and OG WhatsApp. WhatsApp Prime is a premium version of WhatsApp.

Features of Whatsapp Prime APK

User interface and performance improvements

The overall performance of the WhatsApp Prime application is enhanced. Now, movies and pictures are shared, and pals are raving about a pleasant encounter. The primary item improved by a fresh appearance and performance remains the user interface.

Functions upgraded to privacy

Increased secrecy characteristics. Within WhatsApp Prime’s latest version, we may be safer and more private. An example of WhatsApp Prime’s capabilities is ‘Call me and freeze the last time saw.”

WhatsApp prime download may also provide features that are present in the standard WhatsApp, such as deactivating the reading receipt, concealing the profile image, and with respect to data, excluding contacts for the status shares.

Better large-scale customization

Themes, notification icons, stickers, WhatsApp status, group participants, and bigger sizes may be customized. Prime offers a number of fresh WhatsApp Prime themes and sticker packs.

Custom-made products may be utilized without mistakes or problems like most ancient WhatsApp modifications do. Take use of Whatsapp prime apk download and all specified features.

Enhanced Features of Hidden

The most important element of a WhatsApp prime is the hidden features plus all of these contraventions to WhatsApp officials’ privacy. The use of these features may lead to your account being WhatsApp prime anti-ban apk in some circumstances.

Hide from anybody’s status your status view.

Bluetick may be guarded in prime WhatsApp’s latest version.

Use the prime Whatsapp latest version to hide the second tick of the message.

Active availability, such as WhatsApp, may conceal your status online in WhatsApp prime apk download.

Date and time may conceal throughout the communication copying process.

In Whatsapp prime apk you may disguise the forward tag when you transmit a message from a separate chat.

The DND mode is a great feature for WhatsApp models, together with the DND anti-ban mechanism. This function is changed in WhatsApp Prime to prevent defects or mistakes. In the WhatsApp Prime mod APK, the anti-ban mechanism will be updated. Unlike many WhatsApp models, using the newest mod helps you minimize the risk of being WhatsApp prime anti-ban apk.

Sharing large-scale media files in Whatsapp prime apk

You may transfer files in big volumes by using WhatsApp Prime. You can now send up to 1GB of file size. You may exchange pictures and videos of excellent quality. More photos may be shared simultaneously. It simplifies the communication with your relatives and companions of any party pictures and marriage activities.

Enhanced option for file transfer

This version is capable of transferring 300 files, including pictures, movies or documents at once.

Download media without preview

You don’t have to download the media. Without downloading it may be previewed.

Option Disable Response

You may deactivate your contacts’ replies. It implies that you may send messages but you cannot respond to your connection. This feature makes WhatsApp prime apk completely feasible for one-sided communication.

Status of copying

You may copy it and paste it on your State Bar if you prefer a particular status.

Enhanced video

The size of the video is up to 70 MB.

Photo quality preservation

This application provides the pictures you’ve submitted with the same condition. The same resolution and size will be obtained for your recipient.

Disable the call button and activate it

It occurs that when you open the chat, you inadvertently click the call button. This issue has now been resolved. When you want, you may activate and deactivate the call button.

Enhanced limit on characters

All choices raise the character’s limitations. You may now exhibit greater freedom of character.

App Details:

App NameWhatsapp Prime APK
RequirementAndroid 4.0 or above.
DownloadMore than 900000
Last Update1 Day ago

Links invite you to join WhatsApp groups.

Send a single screen touch to the same picture in multiple conversations.

Authentication in two steps.

You may display a false place.

The newest version is new

Built on the original WhatsApp version 2.16.212.

Allows us, for example, video calls or groups, to conceal specific choices.

Fixing of mistakes.

Whatsapp prime latest version download

Now that you are familiar with the program and its capabilities, you have the link to download the newest version of WhatsApp Prime . Before you install the app, however, ensure that your smartphone has the above characteristics in the table to allow the app to operate well on your device. Following is a WhatsApp prime download link and you have to continue the manual installation after downloading the program.

How to get WhatsApp Prime apk  installed?

To install the app on your device, follow the instructions outlined below:

Step 1 – Download WhatsApp prime apk from the link.

Step 2– Open WhatsApp officially and back up your conversations (Setup > Chats> Chat Backup)

Step 3– Uninstall the program once you take backup.

Step 4 – Install now and open WhatsApp Prime.

Step 5– If there is a notification, just click yes.

Step 6 – Finish registration with a mobile number check.

Well done, you have the WhatsApp mod loaded on your smartphone.

WhatsApp Group Link how to copy?

If you would want your buddy to be invited by the link in the group. How can you accomplish this:

  1. Open the WhatsApp group to be the administrator.
  2. Please go to the page of participants and select “Link to Group Submission.”
  3. Copy a link with your buddy or share it with him.
  4. And by clicking on this link anyone may now join the group.

Prime WhatsApp latest version update

What if I tell you that a personalized Whatsapp account is far superior to the original management? In other words, a customized Whatsapp variant called Whatsapp Transparent may now be used by all users.

The app has many more up-to-date features and is superior to the original edition. Save this article as a bookmark in your web browser for further changes to the Whatsapp Prime apk. Whatsapp prime mod apk download uses state-of-the-art technology. This action aims to get the most out of the WhatsApp mod experience.


What is Whatsapp Prime APK?

WhatsApp prime transparent apk is one of the most interesting WhatsApp modifications, and you may transform the interface into a transparent interface, making WhatsApp a very unique and original one. Prime has the finest features accessible in the GBWhatsApp officially.

How can I get WhatsApp prime apk 2021?

Just click the download icon to get WhatsApp Prime. Check to read all the distinctive explanations, if you ever have no concept about the functionality. It enables you to better manage WhatsApp Prime APK.

How do I utilize Whatsapp Prime APK?

You may modify it at your own convenience by looking at the home screen of the smart gadget. Ignore all the wonderful features that may help you control your privacy by making WhatsApp the greatest mobile chat program.


WhatsApp Prime APK has so many features with consistent outcomes and is much more performing than any other WhatsApp now accessible on the Web. There is now a conversation with friends and a simple practice to share films and pictures. The primary feature is a new appearance and performance that improves the user experience. To enjoy the greatest advantages of WhatsApp you must try this mod.

So, the WhatsApp Prime is about that. I hope that this article you people enjoyed. Take a look at our site to keep you informed about all the recent changes and app features. If you have any concerns about the app, we will attempt to resolve your inquiries as quickly as possible in the following area.

Copyright Notice: We hereby declear that, in this site we don’t give any mod apk download file or sources. It’s just knowledge sharing content & we respect the apk owner right for the file and we do not sell any pirated file.

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